Tex Mex and Southwest Cuisine

Mission San Juan 1731 San Antonio, Texas
Influenced by Native Americans, the Spanish Colonials adopted many post-Colombian dishes. As the early Spanish settlers moved north into what is today the southwest region of the United States, this rustic style cooking took on it's modern name of Southwest Cuisine. Additionally, Tex-Mex would be centralize to the northern region of Mexico as Anglo settlers would impact their influence of various dishes often spicy hot. 

They both share some similarities, yet are also very different. Ingredients of cilantro, rice, corn, beans, tomatoes, peppers and avocados are commonly used with both types of cuisines and some of these recipes would be prepared along the trail drives. Cooks of different ethnic backgrounds worked the chuckwagon as they fed the Vaqueros and Cowboys herding cattle across the United States.  


Sancocho De Cola De Res (Ox Tail Stew)

Ranchero-Gringo Salsa 


Tortillas: Corn and Flour
Pan De Campo


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